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I’m going to tell you something you definitely already know.

Content for digital marketers today is garbage.

Everything you read is quick hacks, tips, and crappy Business Insider articles about chatbots.

Every post is, shockingly, “The Ultimate Guide to <insert trending tactic>”.

And “growth hacking”… NOPE. Not even gonna go there.

Still, all of that content promises that you’ll be able to grow your business if you follow their 7 simple steps or their 3 quick tips, or the 5 daily habits.

You know I’m not making this stuff up, because you see it all the time.

Digital Marketing Course Content

You don’t need me to tell you that this stuff sucks. But the worst part is that it works.

Media outlets drive crazy amounts of traffic by peddling this nonsense.

We know it because we’ve done it in the past. Shameful.

We know that we could grow ClickMinded if we did the same thing—we even considered it and started making a plan for it.

... And then we felt gross.

I promise you, that you don’t need to read 3 blog posts a week from Entrepreneur.com on how to increase your Twitter followers.

I promise you!

What you need is great, experience-driven content with easy-to-use, step-by-step instructions on how to implement it on your own.

We got tired of digital marketers using cheap tricks on each other all day.

So we've decided to pivot and go completely against what seems to be working for everyone else in the game because we are sick and f*cking tired of the listicles.

You heard that correctly. THERE WILL BE NO LISTICLES.

If you want to become a world-class digital marketer, what you need is comprehensive, actionable content that will truly help you grow a business.

We’ve been thinking about this a lot and decided that we need to create the content that WE wish WE had when WE were first starting.

We thought about it a lot, and realized that it came down to only two things:

  1. How could we acquire the same digital marketing skills, only 20x faster?
  2. Who are the best people in the world to learn this stuff from?

That started us on a journey.

We decided to create the content that we wish had existed when we were first getting started.

No cheap tricks, no hacks, no Business Insider articles.

We decided to go out there and create the best digital marketing courses you can imagine, taught by some of the best people in the world, for serious digital marketers only.

What our users are saying

Want to have an arsenal of digital tools to build your business from the ground up and into self-sustaining engine that cranks out predictable revenue?

ClickMinded is geared towards taking you from novice to master in digital marketing.

Whether you're a solopreneur or a CMO of a Silicon Valley start-up, investing in this resource is the first step to go from a negative burn rate to positive cash flow. That's real talk.
Billy Williams
I've only done 2 of the courses, but my entire marketing mindset has already been transformed and I'm not that much of a newbie either. This has easily been the best investment I've ever made for education!

Out of all the Google, Hubspot, and Udemy courses I've done, this is without the doubt a winner and blows the competition out of the water with ease.
Peter Figel
Full-Stack Marketer
As a growth consultant working with tech companies, ClickMinded courses that have helped me do a better job for the companies I work with and close higher ticket clients.
Roy Povarchik
Growth Consultant
This class helped me grow a lot as a marketer. So much so that my previous manager keeps asking me to come back and help them!
Lise Framsted
Demand Generation Manager
Whilst all this information is available freely online of course, the tips, tricks and suggestions provided, coupled with the learning method and structural approach saved me an insane amount of time if I would have had to look it all up myself. And even then, I wouldn't have had the same experience and condensed knowledge I have now.
Marc Maessen
I currently work remotely on either a consistent hourly or retainer basis for:

- A small marketing agency
- A Facebook Ads solopreneur
- A Medical School themed YouTuber

This is partly because of you guys so THANK YOU!!!
Kian Paras
Freelance marketer
I run a small digital agency based in Barcelona, Spain. As an avid tutorials consumer, I can say I love ClickMinded's because they never skip a step, they never let you down: their guided explanations ensure that you will be able to perform the promised goal at the headline. 

I also teach and mentor hundreds of entrepreneurs, on digital marketing strategy and I regularly share ClickMinded stuff with them since I know they will not be back to me with questions or unsolved problems.

So, yes, I recommend ClickMinded courses because they deliver what they promise.
Carlos Perez
I run a small business in a very niche market. Not having the (somewhat ludicrous) budget to employ a digital marketing agency we set about teaching ourselves how to implement changes to our digital marketing efforts that would yield results by growing the monthly visits to our website and thus increase sales.

What I have learnt from ClickMinded has been invaluable over the past 12 months. The detailed instructions of how to implement the changes are key and to date I have not found anywhere else that provides such a service, everything else seems to be superficial in comparison.

ClickMinded has become a bit of a go to bible for our online efforts. Highly recommended for any small business.
Ben Tucker

The ClickMinded Digital Marketing Bundle includes 7 world-class courses

Our courses are designed to teach you EXACTLY how to get more traffic and revenue from each digital marketing channel.

The ClickMinded SEO Course

Taught by Tommy Griffith, who has been doing SEO strategy for nearly 10 years and has managed search engine optimization at companies like PayPal and Airbnb.

As the ClickMinded SEO instructor, he takes you on a detailed overview of how to drive more traffic and more customers from search engines as quickly as possible in this comprehensive course.
Learn more about the SEO course

The ClickMinded Paid Advertising Course

Taught by Lucas Lee-Tyson, who has been working on digital marketing since he was just 15 years old.

He's the founder of GrowthCave, where he has managed over $3.2 million in profitable digital ad spend for clients of all shapes and sizes.
Learn more about the paid advertising course

The ClickMinded Content Marketing Course

Taught by Sophie Tahran, whom after being evacuated from Cairo during the Arab Spring, realized her travel blog was being read by more than just Grandpa.

She turned her insane experience into an early role at one of the most compelling brands of our time, Lyft, the $11 billion juggernaut she helped grow. Sophie walks us through the strategy she uses to create content that spreads like wildfire - or pink mustaches.
Learn more about the content marketing course

The ClickMinded Email Marketing Course

Taught by Lucas Chevillard, who managed global email marketing at Airbnb.

He takes you through the process of implementing an enterprise-grade email & automation strategy the same way Airbnb does. The course includes both the high-level strategy and the specific tactical walkthroughs you need to create email funnels that convert.
Learn more about the email marketing course

The ClickMinded Social Media Marketing Course

Taught by Jasmine Atherton, the former Head of Social at Airbnb, where she the social strategy for one of the most valuable startups in the world.​

From Super Bowl commercials to award-winning campaigns on Insta and FB, Jasmine's seen it all, and goes deep into what it takes to create a world-class, metric-driven social media strategy from scratch.
Learn more about the social media marketing course

The ClickMinded Sales Funnels Course

Taught by Jim Huffman, founder of Growth Hit. From wall street to the valley, Jim mentors VC-backed startups as a growth mentor at startup accelerator TechStars.

Jim takes you through funnel design and conversion rate optimization, and gives you a comprehensive overview on how to structure your sales funnel for rapid growth.
Learn more about the sales funnels course

The ClickMinded Web Analytics Course

As one of the premiere marketing analytics specialists of Europe, Chris Prahl from Trakken takes you through an authoritative overview of web analytics.

Chris dives deep into what it takes to set up comprehensive tracking and shows you how to monitor laser-focused metrics that help you grow any business.
Learn more about the web analytics course

Earn your Digital Marketing Certification

Each class includes a certification. Finish the class, pass the final exam and earn your certification. Complete all 7 class and exams, and you’ll earn the ClickMinded digital marketing certification.

More testimonials from happy customers

We use ClickMinded as a "Mandatory Guide" for our interns. They need to complete the course before they are allowed to join the execution team.
Radhakrishnan Kg
Agency Owner - WebNamaste
I've been a ClickMinded has been instrumental in my success. I work as an in-house digital strategist so I have to be well-versed on current trends, strategies, and tactics. ClickMinded courses have been my secret library of knowledge because they keep all of their courses updated, extensive, and actionable.
Matt Radcliffe
Digital Strategist
The expansiveness of the content, the sample checklists and documents, the links to software, the fact that with the sample checklists and best practices, I could soon put this knowledge into practice were my favorite parts of these ClickMinded courses.
Tyson Batino
I've done a lot of different digital marketing training, but ClickMinded is in the top tier of my favorites. Their instructors are all pros, and their marketing insights are from real brands. ClickMinded is the real deal and the perfect way to launch into a new discipline.
Matthew Ballen
Freelance Copywriter and Scriptwriter

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Frequently Asked Questions

ClickMinded includes 7 comprehensive classes on digital marketing, as well as a collection of digital marketing templates called the SOP library.

It's designed to teach you how to massively increase traffic and sales for any website as quickly as possible.

If you're brand new to digital marketing and not sure where to begin, our world-famous SEO checklist is a great place to start. You may also want to look at our digital marketing template library, including our easy-to-use Youtube description template, or check how authoritative your site is with our domain authority checker.

Entry level to intermediate comprehension.

ClickMinded was initially designed to onboard newly hired designers, data scientists and engineers working on search engine optimization at PayPal and Airbnb.

It's since evolved into a more comprehensive digital marketing training platform. While our focus is on startups and individuals with an entry level to intermediate understanding of online marketing, even experts will find most of the content extremely helpful.

The courses and step-by-step walkthroughs are split up in a way so that the introductory content can be easily skipped if needed.

Each course ranges from 3-6 hours long, and they've been cut up into small, digestible and organized segments, so that you can easily refer back to specific lessons when you have questions.

Extremely actionable. After having our friends and colleagues take all 7 courses, the most frequent comment we heard was “This is great… but how do I get started?”.

That’s why we added comprehensive campaign walkthroughs throughout each of the courses. It’s pure video screen capture, and contains the exact strategies that we use every day.

Yes. The platform is 100% responsive and works on all mobile and tablet devices.

Probably. Most ClickMinded students expense it for work or for their business.

No accountants or CPAs were involved in the making of this advice, so be sure to check with yours first.

With that said, if you're trying to increase website traffic and sales for your business, this is probably a relevant business expense.

You can attend at any time.

ClickMinded is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. The course includes unlimited lifetime access as well. Once you enroll, you'll never lose access to the content, and can refer back to it as much as you'd like.

None. You can learn everything in these courses through other people’s blog posts, forums and your own trial-and-error.

There is absolutely nothing secret here and you can absolutely teach yourself digital marketing and learn it all on your own.

ClickMinded is designed to make learning digital marketing easier and faster.

We've made it as easy and fast to learn as possible, but we won’t be teaching you anything you can’t learn on your own with enough time invested.

All courses include a 14-day money-back guarantee.

All courses include unlimited lifetime access and free updates for life.

Yes. Anytime we push out an update to a course, that's included. For free. You'll get that automatically. Forever.

Actually, this happens all the time. That's why each course includes unlimited lifetime access, and free updates for life. If there is a change, you'll hear about it. And it's included in the course for free.

Each course includes a certification. Finish the course, pass the final exam and you'll earn your certification.


Certification is not a must-have for a digital marketing career. The best people in the game don't have certifications, and for many people, you simply don't need one.

With that said, some people like to show future recruiters and clients that they (or their staff) have taken and earned a certification.

We've also received feedback that many employers won't expense the training without some type of evidence the student has completed the course. We got so many requests from our users for this, that we decided to add it.

Sweet. Let us know how it goes.

Cool. Shoot us an email: [email protected]